Previous Meeting Programs

2023 ASR Annual Meeting Program, “Justice and Religion”, Philadelphia, PA

2022 ASR Annual Meeting Program, “Religion, Repression, and the Search for Justice, Los Angeles, CA

2021, 82nd Annual Meeting, “Communicating Religion’s Relevance”, Online

2020 (no conference: cancelled due to COVID pandemic)

2019, 81rst Annual Meeting, “Engaging Religion in a Contested Age,” New York, NY

2018, 80th Annual Meeting, “Strengthening Weak ties to other Sociological Subdisciplines,” Philadelphia, PA

2017, 79th Annual Meeting, “Religion and Division: Causes, Consequences and Counters,” Montreal, QC, Canada

2016, 78th Annual Meeting, “Exploring Diversity: Varieties of Religion and Nonreligion,” Seattle, WA

2015, 77th Annual Meeting, “Understanding Religious Change,” Chicago, IL

2014, 76th Annual Meeting, “Religion as a Social Force,” San Francisco, CA

2013, 75th Annual Meeting, “Tributaries, Eddies, and Cross-Currents: Religion Outside the Mainstream,” New York, NY

2012, 74th Annual Meeting, “Religion and Social Change,” Denver, CO

2011, 73rd Annual Meeting, “Socially Engaged Religion in Global Context,” Las Vegas, NV

2010, 72nd Annual Meeting, “Religion, Identity and Place,” Atlanta, GA

2009, 71st Annual Meeting, “Religion, Culture, Politics,” San Francisco, CA

2008, 70th Annual Meeting, “Religion Crossing Boundaries,” Boston, MA

2007, 69th Annual Meeting, “Striving for a Better World: Religion and Social Change,” New York, NY

2006, 68th Annual Meeting, “Intersections: History Meets the Sociology of Religion… Again,” Montreal, Canada

2005, 67th Annual Meeting, “Religion, Politics, and the State at Home and Abroad,” Philadelphia, PA

2004, 66th Annual Meeting, “The Causes and Consequences of Contemporary Moralities,” San Francisco, CA

2003, 65th Annual Meeting, “The Sociology of Religion: Constructing an Agenda,” Atlanta, GA

2002, 64th Annual Meeting, “Freedom and Control,” Chicago, IL

2001, 63rd Annual Meeting, “Religion and Societal Marginality,” Anaheim, CA

2000, 62nd Annual Meeting, “Religion and Global Civil Society,” Washington, DC

1999, 61st Annual Meeting, “Religion, Gender and the 21st Century,” Chicago, IL

1998, 60th Annual Meeting, “Retrieval and Critique: Contributions of Sociology of Religion to a Critical Social Science,” San Francisco, CA

1997, 59th Annual Meeting, “Modeling Diversity, Understanding Religious Ecologies,” Toronto, Canada

1996, 58th Annual Meeting, “Understanding Religion, Understanding Society,” New York, NY

1995, 57th Annual Meeting, “Community, Globality and Research Paradigms in the Sociology of Religion,” Washington, DC

1994, 56th Annual Meeting, “Reinventing Religion: Old Religions, New Religions, New-Old Religions, Old-New Religions,” Los Angeles, CA

1993, 55th Annual Meeting, “Religion, Autonomy, Authority and Democracy,” Miami Beach, FL

1992, 54th Annual Meeting, “Religion and the Reconstruction of Society,” Pittsburgh, PA

1991, 53rd Annual Meeting, “Religion in Sociology,” Cincinnati, OH

1990, 52nd Annual Meeting, Religion, Tradition and Motivation,” Washington, DC

1989, 51st Annual Meeting, “Religion, Social Problems, and Religion as a Social Problem,” San Francisco, CA

1988, 50th Annual Meeting, “America, Religion and the World,” Atlanta, GA

1987, 49th Annual Meeting, “Mainlines and Sidelines: Trends in Religious Movements,” Chicago, IL

1986, 48th Annual Meeting, “Religion, Social Structure and Human Lives,” New York, NY

1985, 47th Annual Meeting, “Religion and the Human Condition,” Washington, DC

1984, 46th Annual Meeting, “Religion and Secular Change: Problems of Conflict and Accommodation,” San Antonio, TX

1983, 45th Annual Meeting, “The Classic Questions,” Detroit, MI

1982, 44th Annual Meeting (held jointly with SSSR, RRA, and the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education), “Religion and Power,” Providence, RI

1981, 43rd Annual Meeting, “Church and Nation in the 1980s,” Toronto, Canada

1980, 42nd Annual Meeting, New York, NY

1979, 41st Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

1978, 40th Annual Meeting, “Religion and Public Policy,” San Francisco, CA

1977, 39th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL 1976, 38th Annual Meeting, New York, NY

1975, 37th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

1974, 36th Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada

1973, 35th Annual Meeting, missing from archives

1972, 34th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

1971, 33rd Annual Meeting (held jointly with RRA), Denver, CO

1970, 32nd Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

1969, 31st Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

1968, 30th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA

1967, 29th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

1966, 28th Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, FL

1965, 27th Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1964, 26th Annual Convention, Montreal, Canada

1963, 25th Annual Convention, Los Angeles, CA

1962, 24th Annual Convention, Washington, DC

1961, 23rd Annual Convention, Saint Louis, MO

1960, 22nd Annual Convention, New York, NY

1959, 21st Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1958, 20th Annual Convention, Notre Dame, IN

1957, Nineteenth Annual Convention, Washington, DC

1956, Eighteenth Annual Convention, Milwaukee, WI

1955, Seventeenth Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA

1954, Sixteenth Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1953, Fifteenth Annual Convention, Cleveland, OH (incomplete)

1952, Fourteenth Annual Convention Milwaukee, WI

1951, Thirteenth Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

1950, Twelfth Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1949, Eleventh Annual Convention, New York, NY

1948, Tenth Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1947, Ninth Annual Convention, St. Louis, MO

1946, Eighth Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1943-1945, missing from archives

1942, Fifth Annual Convention, Cleveland, OH

1941, Fourth Annual Convention, New York, NY

1940, Third Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1939, Second Annual Convention, Chicago, IL

1938, missing from archives (perhaps no meeting “program”)