The 2023 Furfey Lecture

This year’s Furfey Lecture will be presented by Dr. Penny Edgell, Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota.

More information coming soon!

About the Furfey Lectures*

The Furfey Lecture has been given at the ASR Annual Meeting since 1981, continuing an earlier series begun in 1974 at The Catholic University of America. It is named in honor of Paul Hanley Furfey, the seventh president of the Association. As both professor and priest, Dr. Furfey demanded of him¬≠self and others not only rigor in sociological method but also a sense of sociology’s role in serving the needs of people. In his book The Scope and Method of Sociology (1953) he intro¬≠duced the term “metasociology,” or that area of sociology delving into the assumptions and value judgments underlying theories and methods.

The series’ earliest lectures were given by Robert Bellah (1974), Benton Johnson (1975), Gordon Zahn (1976), Talcott Parsons (1977), Robert Drinan (1978), Suzanne Keller (1979), David Moberg (1980), Marie Augusta Neal (1981), and James Beckford (1982).

* Edited from a longer description in the Spring, 1982 issue of Sociological Analysis, the ASR’s journal.