Seattle University’s new Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs is seeking to bring together theologians and scholars of religion from a variety of faith traditions and disciplines to explore the ways in which religious wisdom and the resources of faith communities can lend assistance in the analysis, diagnosis and community responses needed to address the problem of homelessness.
A unique opportunity to participate in the interreligious analysis of a pressing social issue
Scholars will meet at Seattle University on April 25 and 26, 2017. During the course of the two days, they will learn about the issue of homelessness from legal experts, policy analysts, and economists; participate in a discussion with local stakeholders, including religious leaders; and prepare paper proposal abstracts through a collaborative effort. Scholars will return to Seattle University in April of 2018 to present their papers at a second symposium. This scholarly initiative aims to produce an anthology that captures the best interfaith thinking about the religious, spiritual and ethical dimensions of homelessness.
Honorarium and travel expenses
Travel expenses, lodging and meals will be covered by the Center. Scholars will also receive an honorarium.
Deadline: December 12, 2016
To be considered please submit 1) a one-page letter of interest and 2) curriculum vitae to Manuel Mejido, Ph.D., Director, Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs, by email, care of: The selection committee will meet in December of 2016. Scholars will be notified in January of 2017.
Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs
Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry’s Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs is devoted to exploring the contributions religious wisdom makes in understanding and responding to the world’s most pressing social problems. The Center’s innovative approach to scholarship, learning and social action has already caught the attention of highly selective philanthropic organizations and private donors, including the Henry Luce and Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Shemanski Testamentary Trust, Seattle Foundation and the Isaac N. Alhadeff Foundation. Every two years, the Center will focus on a specific social issue, such as, rising inequalities, human trafficking, and unsustainable use of environmental resources. For its first funding cycle, the Center is focusing on the issue of homelessness.
For further information contact
Manuel Mejido, Ph.D., Director, Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs, School of Theology and Ministry, Seattle University, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122-1090, (206) 296-6954,