In 2023, the Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) celebrated 85 years of advancing theory and scholarship in the sociology of religion. As we emerge from the disruptions of a global pandemic and strategize for the coming year, we ask that you consider contributing a tax-deductible financial donation as part of your year-end giving to support the mission of ASR.

Just in this past year, we celebrate:

  • A successful annual meeting in Philadelphia featuring 51 sessions, panels, and workshops
  • New awards recognizing outstanding scholarship, including a Lifetime Achievement Award for R. Stephen Warner
  • Fresh distribution of $20,000 in grant funding for research and travel
  • Colleagues dedicating service on ASR committees and executive council
  • Strong participation by our international membership
  • Continued efforts to encourage and support graduate students and early career scholars
  • Impressive strength of our journal Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review with a strong Impact Factor of 3.1

As we enter 2024, our work together is well underway. We are already planning our next annual meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. New committees are being formed, with new grants and awards to be distributed. And we continue to position ourselves for strong support for students and international scholars, and we are eager to provide a community to support the expansion of research by colleagues with long term contributions as well as those with emerging insights.

Your donation today will directly support ASR to continue the work of scholarship in the sociology of religion.

With gratitude,
Gerardo Martí
Past-President, Association for the Sociology of Religion

PS: All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to consider a larger gift or wish to support the conference costs of specific colleagues, please contact the ASR Executive Officer, Rachel Kraus at