Religion, Law and Policy Making: European in Norms and National Practices
in Eastern cheap nfl jerseys Europe cheap mlb jerseys and the Russian Federation

Date: 13-14 June 2013

Site: Tartu, Estonia

Organizer: Center for EU-Russia And Studies (CEURUS), University of Tartu, Estonia
Topics: The goal of the Workshop is to advance the multidisciplinary wholesale nba jerseys study of the processes—cultural, economic, political, and legal—of European integration NCR related to the patterns of interaction among ‘religion, policies and mindset law’ in post-communist countries of Eastern Europe.

The complex interplay among European and national law, and law, policy and religion at the levels of nation and European Union is approached from jurisprudential, religious, sociological, cultural, historical, and political (comparative politics, political theory, IR) TO perspectives.

Language: English

Deadline: 11 February 2013. Abstracts of 300-600 words as well as a short bio (100 words) should be sent to: <>.

Contact: Dr. Alar Kilp (University of Tartu); Prof. Jerry G. Pankhurst (Wittenberg ???? University, USA); Prof. William B. Simons (University of Tartu).

E-mail: <>; <>; <>.

Internet: <>