Fichter Grant Past Winners


  • Ashley Josleyn French: “Young and Faithful: A Comparative Study of the Sexual Practices and Beliefs of Young Christian and Muslim Women in the United States”
  • Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei: “Faith, Feminism, Family: Inside Iranian Women’s Sacred Activism”
  • Lynette Moran: “Making the Case for Harmed: Collective Grief as Emotion & Object in the Methodist Schism”


  • Abdelhadi, Eman – Losing Women: Gender Identity and Community among second generation immigrant Muslims
  • Young, Luther – Assessing Religion as a source of support for black LGB
  • Youseff, Maro – Transitional Feminist coalitions: Islamist and Secularist Women’s cooperations in Tunisia 


  • Yaghoob Foroutan – “Women’s Dress Codes in the Islamic Republic: Presentations vs Perceptions,” $5,000
  • Kate Gleeson – “Faith after disbelief: A study of female Catholic mass-attendees and their experiences of faith and religious community in the aftermath of the Australian Royal Commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse,” $4,068
  • Stephanie House-Niamke – “The Sociocultural Effects of a White Jesus on Black Christians,” $2,932


  • Sabrina Alimahomed-Wilson – “Matrix of Gendered Islamophobia: Muslim Women’s Resistance and Social Justice Activism,” $1,470
  • Nazanin Shahrokni – “Gender, Mobility and Islam in the Age of Globalization: A Comparative Analysis of Women-Only Taxi Initiatives in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur,” $4,530
  • Jonathan Coley – “Pathways to Leadership in Pro-LGBTQ Faith Organizations in the United States,” $3,000
  • Popy Begum – “’God Does Not Judge’: Mapping the Characteristics, Experiences and Service Needs of Muslim and Hindu Sex Workers on Garstin Bastion Road, New Delhi,” $3,000


  • Yuksel Sezgin: “IRAMFAL: A Tool for Spatio-temporal Analysis of Women’s Rights under Muslim Family Law,” $2,750
  • Nicolette Manglos-Weber:“Religion and Community Caregivers in Uganda,” $4,000
  • Madeleine Cousineau: “Activist Nuns and the Emergence of Social Movements in Brazil,” $2,100
  • Michelle Mueller: “Interviews with Morman Polygamist Men and Women on the Subject of Plural Marriage,” $2,000
  • Amanda Dawn Hernandez: “Feminism, Feminists, and Faith: Intersecting Identities and Boundary Work,” $1,150


  • Rafaella Taylor-Seymour (PhD Candidate, U. Chicago) for “Being Gay and Pentecostal: Conflicted Moral Experience in Zimbabwe,” $4,000
  • Holly Folk (Assoc. Prof., Western Washington U.) for “Could God Become a Woman? Female Messianism in New Christian Religions: Intersectional Politics, Organizing, and Religious Activism of U.S. and British Muslim Women,” $4,000
  • Christine Cusak (PhD Candidate, University of Ottowa) for “Disenchantment and transition among mainstream Mormon women: Understanding non-religious identity construction and organized unbelief,” $3,000
  • Maro Youssef (PhD Candidate, UT Austin) for “‘Doing Democracy’ in The Muslim World: How Women’s Groups in Tunisia Construct Democracy,” $3,000


  • No Fichter Award winners listed in 2017 Council Report


  • Ryan Cragun, J. Edward Sumerau, Lain Mathers Cragun: Associate Professor, University of Tampa Sumerau: Assistant Professor, University of Tampa Mathers: PhD candidate, University of Illinois, Chicago Transgender Religion Survey,” $3,000
  • Shanna Corner Ph.D. candidate, Notre Dame Localizing the legitimacy of women’s rights: how particularistic cultural models about religion matter for the universalization of support for international human rights,” $3,000
  • Andrew Whitehead Assistant Professor, Clemson University “Is a Christian American also a more patriarchal one? Gathering data to examine gender traditionalism and Christian nationalism,” $3,000


  • Lisa Swartz Ph.D. Candidate, Notre Dame “Sisters and Brothers Exploring the Gendered lenses of Evangelical Seminaries,” $1,380
  • Lisa Pearce Associate Professor, UNC, “Chapel Hill Girls’ occupational aspirations,” $2,176
  • Laura Stark Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University “Gender equality in PostWar Anabaptist services,” $3,081
  • Dawne Moon, Assistant Professor, Marquette University “reconciliation between Evangelical Protestants and lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people,” $2,863
  • Rachel Ellis Ph.D. Candidate, University of Pennsylvania “Conviction Behind Bars: Religion and Faith among Incarcerated Women,” $2,500


  • Gabriel Acevedo, The University of Texas at San Antonio, “ Faith Between Cultures: Exploring Latina Women’s Conversion to Islam in South Texas,” $6,434.
  • Staci Young, Medical College of Wisconsin, “The Organization of Work Among Milwaukee Parish Nurses,” $6,155.
  • Alana M. Henninger, The Graduate Center/John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), “A Cross-Country Comparison of Institutional Responses to Honor Violence,” $6,020.
  • Casey Ritchie Clevenger, Brandeis University, “Women with Hearts as Wide as the World: Gender, Race, and Inequality in Women’s Transnational Religious Organizations,” $4,080.
  • Vanessa Miller, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science and Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing, “Secularization and African American Women’s Health Risk,” $1,311.
  • Beth Packer Ph.D. Candidate, Ecole des hautes etudes, France “Out of bounds: Islam, politics, and women’s soccer in postcolonial Senegal,” $3,000