Dear Colleagues,

This invitation was originally submitted to help produce an Asian American oversample which would include large subsamples of multiple religious groups. The survey however is multiracial and can result in many possibilities for multiple groups comparisons. The deadlines are fast approaching as this is an initiative by political scientists who want to roll this out in November. Support and survey questions are due ASAP. Please contact Janelle Wong for more specific details, and I can try and answer your questions as well.


Jerry Park

Jerry Z. Park
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97326
Waco, TX 76798-7326


We (Janelle Wong [U-MD, College Park] and Jerry Park [Baylor]) write to invite you to participate in the Fall 2016 Collaborative Multi-Racial Post-Election Survey (CMPS) in collaboration with the Latino Decisions Cooperative Survey (LDCS). This is an effort to allow many of us to collectively field a survey of racial and ethnic groups in November with content tailored to our specific research interests.  Although “Election” is in the title above, this survey includes a large proportion of non-registered voters. “Election” refers to the timing.

We are working with Matt Barreto and the team at Latino Decisions (, who will field the survey in early-mid November 2016.

Upon completion, all members of the consortium will receive a complete dataset  in .csv or .dta stata format, sample weights, toplines and banner books (more details below).

Where do you come in?

To date, there are enough scholars who have expressed an interest in buying content on the 2016 Latino Decisions Cooperative Survey (LDCS) for a sample of about 3,000 Latinos.

My colleague Lorrie Frasure at UCLA is currently leading the development of a sample of 3,000 Black responses.  Let’s make an Asian American sample happen!

Jerry Park and I are hoping to include scholars in Sociology, Political Science, Religion and Asian American Studies and others who might be interested to support a sample of 3,000 Asian Americans. This sample will be recruited using a random recruitment to web (RRW) completion with incentivized participation. This sample would include both registered voters and non-registered voters, drawn directly from both listed-name samples and national voter files, which means we can append vote history from prior elections as well as append vote history for 2016; or other types of data found on the voter file.

The on-line platform allows you a variety of opportunities, including survey experiments and the use of video or audio stimuli.

By interviewing about 3,000 Asian Americans, there is great opportunity for doing separate analysis and comparisons by ethnic subgroup. We would include at least 500 each of the six-largest Asian American groups (Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese).  Surveys will be translated for those groups that have a high proportion of non-English dominant speakers.

Latino Decisions will also give everyone in the consortium a sample of about 1,000 Whites for comparison purposes.

Cost Model

We can get space on the survey for individual purchases of $2,500 per minute (or greater) of content for the sample of 3,000 Asian American responses. Collaborative/team modules purchased with shared resources are also encouraged. In case you’re not familiar with timing, one minute is generally three stand-alone questions with prompts, or perhaps 4-5 items with an identical prompt and response set, such as a battery of policy items, etc.

We envision a truly cooperative project and have NOT written a core survey with limited space for add-on questions. The 2016 survey is 100% driven by user content.

Latino Decisions will offer core demographic variables (see list below) on the survey, but are not going to cover any other measures. This means that you should also make sure to include outcome/dependent variables in your needed content. For example, unless someone includes questions on religion or civic engagement in their survey time, we will not have those items to work with in our models. If ten folks propose a question on religious affiliation we will split the cost of that item across all ten people, which will make this really low cost at the individual level. Latino Decisions will keep track of submitted questions, so that in the event of any overlap we can split the cost of those items across the number of scholars who are interested.  Basically, we will have an “Asian American” version of the survey with all of the questions we have together that ALSO includes data for questions that have been asked across all sample groups.

Latino Decisions will work with each person/team to help them craft the best possible set of questions to ensure comparability with other studies and fuller coverage of the necessary subject matter. We will work with Latino Decisions to coordinate as much common content across the Black, Latino, and Asian American samples as possible. To ensure your content will be included on all of the samples, some scholars have already agreed to purchase content on all four versions of the survey (Latino, Black, Asian, White). If you would like to also purchase questions on the Latino survey you can contact Matt directly at: or for questions for the Black sample survey, Lorrie at

Demographic Items Included:  National Origin, Nativity, Language Use, Gender, Income, Education, Age

Upon completion, all members of the cooperative will receive a complete data set (all samples) in .csv or .dta stata format, sample weights, toplines and banner books.  The data will NOT be released to the broader research community but, rather, will be solely for the non-proprietary use of the collaborators of this specific project.  Thus, for an investment of $2500, $5000, $7500 or whatever your research budget will allow, you will help build a large and robust survey with several thousand respondents and a range of interesting content. This is the perfect opportunity to run that election project you’ve always wanted to at a fraction of the usual costs and in cooperation with the broader research community in our field.


Please contact Janelle ASAP to reserve space on the survey including how many minutes you expect to purchase. You can also contact her for any questions:

Pledges are needed ASAP.

Proposed questions are needed within the next three weeks or so (August 19th latest).

Payment is due later – probably around end of September (we can work on transfer of institutional research funds with Latino Decisions).

Finally, we have sent this email to select individuals who we think have an interest in this collaborative survey data, but have probably unintentionally left some scholars out, so feel free to share this email with your colleagues or graduate students who might be interested in participating.

All the best,

Janelle Wong and Jerry Park