Position: Through a grant funded by Lilly Endowment, we invite advanced graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and junior faculty to participate in a unique, three year research fellowship starting in June 2014. The Latino Protestant Congregations (LPC) Project is forming a team of ten researchers to conduct qualitative observations and interviews in Latino Protestant churches across the United States. LPC Fellows are expected to gain entrée to five local congregations in their geographic region and complete profiles for each, including field notes and audio interviews. LPC Fellows and the LPC Project Directors will gather annually to plan, collaborate, and debrief during the funding period. Spanish fluency is desired but not mandatory.

Funding and Resources: The total stipend available to each LPC Fellow is $8,000 payable in increments per congregational profile. Each LPC Fellow will also be provided separate funds toward a personal digital recorder. As part of LPC funding, all audio interviews will be transcribed for each LPC Fellow. Additional funding is provided for travel and lodging for annual discussions to focus on shared insights, cumulative learning, and strategic planning on analysis of data and dissemination of results. The LPC Project Directors will conduct analyses on the larger dataset, and they will also collaborate with each LPC Fellow on specific writing projects focused on data collected from their own congregations. The LPC fellowship is therefore ideal for young scholars building a research agenda.

Application: To apply, candidates should submit a c.v., one academic reference, a brief statement of previous research experience, and descriptions of Latino Protestant congregations in their geographic area as possible research sites. Send all documents as separate Word documents to both project directors: Gerardo Marti gemarti@davidson.edu and Mark Mulder mtm3@calvin.edu. Applications received by January 15th, 2014 will receive fullest consideration. The first gathering of LPC Research Fellows is scheduled for June 23-27, 2014, in Grand Rapids, MI. Subsequent June meetings will be planned in coordination with fellows. Advanced graduate students through junior faculty are encouraged to apply. Women and members of historically underrepresented groups in the social sciences are especially encouraged to apply. For more information, please visit the project website http://www.lpcproject.org.