I am happy to announce the election results for 2014.

ASR’s President-Elect will be Lori Beaman of the University of Ottawa. Lori will begin her role as President-Elect at the end of this year’s Annual Meeting when our current President-Elect, Melissa Wilde, succeeds Christopher Ellison as the President of ASR.

We also have three newly elected Council Members, whose 3-year terms begin at the end of this year’s Annual Meeting and run until 2017.  They are Richard Flory, University of Southern California, Giuseppe Giordan, University of Padua (Italy), and Milagros Pena, University of Florida.  To learn more about the newly elected Council members, visit their profiles on the ASR website.

Congratulations to Lori, Richard, Milly, and Giuseppe, and many thanks to all of the nominees who agreed to stand for election.

I also want to thank Fred Kniss, the Past President of ASR, and the other members of the Committee on Nominations, Melinda Denton and Fenggang Yang, for proposing an outstanding list of nominees for this year’s election.

As you might recall, this year’s election ballot also featured two proposed Amendments to ASR’s By-Laws — one for the creation of a “Distinguished Article Award Committee,” and the other for the creation of a “Lifetime Achievement Award Committee.”  Both proposed amendments passed overwhelmingly, which means that ASR now has two additional awards and two additional Standing Committees, which you will see described in the newly amended By-Laws.

James Cavendish
Executive Officer