We are pleased to announce a $1.4 million funding initiative for new research in the social sciences on hope and optimism. We encourage proposals for research using a variety of methods from new and established scientists on these topics. We especially welcome applications from researchers in cognitive, developmental, personality, health and social psychology, as well as sociology. Interdisciplinary teams that include members from cognate areas – e.g. cognitive science, anthropology, nursing, and biology – are encouraged though not required.

We invite requests for non-residential funding (between $50,000 and $250,000) for projects not to exceed two years in duration.  For more information, including details on research questions, deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application instructions please visit the project website: hopeoptimism.org.

Letter of Intent deadline: November 1, 2014.

This funding initiative is part of Hope & Optimism: Conceptual and Empirical Investigations, a $4.5 million research initiative funded by a generous grant from The John Templeton Foundation, as well as by the University of Notre Dame and Cornell University.

Contact: hope@nd.edu.

Joshua W. Seachris, Ph.D.
Program Director
Center for Philosophy of Religion
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
223 Malloy Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Office: (574) 631-5377