An Interdisciplinary Conference at Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 1-2 November, 2013

The importance of Pentecostal-charismatic movements in the “Global South” has been well established. We would like to call for a scholarly reorientation toward the “Global East” where economic miracles go hand in hand with rapid growths of Christianity. This symposium particularly focuses on Chinese Pentecostalism in Asian societies. With its innovative styles of experiential spirituality, female leadership, and powerful communication strategies, Chinese Pentecostalism is challenging the dominance of conventional Christianity. This symposium seeks to assess the status and characteristics of Chinese Pentecostal-charismatic movements worldwide, with a special focus on East and Southeast Asia but also including Chinese diasporic communities in other parts of the world. We hope to bring together scholars from Asia, Europe and North America for a comparative understanding of global Chinese Pentecostalism. We are especially interested in papers reporting historical and empirical research on the following topics:

  • Studies of a congregation, a sect, a network of such congregations, or a movement of Chinese Pentecostals or charismatics anywhere in the world
  • Studies of Chinese Pentecostals or charismatics in their social and cultural contexts
  • Transnational connections of Chinese Pentecostals and charismatics
  • Experiential spirituality and female leadership of Chinese Pentecostal movements
  • The development and distinctiveness of Chinese Pentecostalism
  • The relationship of Chinese Pentecostals and charismatics with other Chinese Christians

The confirmed plenary speakers include:

Allan Anderson (Keynote), University of Birmingham, UK

Donald Miller (Keynote), University of Southern California, USA

Kim-Kwong Chan, Hong Kong Christian Council, Hong Kong

Hsing-Kuang Chao, Tung Hai University, Taiwan

Gordon Melton, Institute for Studies of Religion, Baylor University, USA

John Cheong, Sabah Theological Seminary, Malaysia

Deadline for the submission of abstracts (250-500 words, with a brief biographical note): 20th April, 2013.

Completed paper is due on 1st Oct, 2013. Submissions and questions send to Joy Tong at

We intend to edit a special issue of a journal out of the papers presented. We will also provide accommodations and meals for presenters. The conference is organized by The Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University, and co-sponsored by International Programs, Asian Studies Program, and Religious Studies Program at Purdue University.