11 09, 2023

CfP: Special Themed Issue “Church.Power.Abuse. Sociological Approaches”


Special Themed Issue of the Journal for Religion, Society and Politics

Edited by Udo Kelle, Andreas Schmitz & André Armbruster

This special issue of the Journal for Religion, Society and Politics will adopt a decidedly sociological perspective as a starting point for understanding religious abuse: because abusive practices occur in huge numbers, in many regions of the world, in almost all forms of institutionalized religion, and show similar dimensions and patterns, abusive practices can be understood as recurring, systematic, if not systemic structural moments of institutional and organized religion. Abuse is not a random accident of religion, but religious structures, church systems and culture(s) are themselves conditions and/or forces that enable abuse and (re-)produce abuse […]

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27 12, 2018

Contemporary Jewry


Contemporary Jewry CFP: Analysis and Reflection on the Social Scientific Study of Jewry: The State of our Field and Suggestions for its Future

The active exchange of reflection and introspection this summer among members of ASSJ, the Association of the Social Scientific Study of Jewry—and beyond–began an important process that Contemporary Jewry would like to continue in a special forum focused on our—broadly defined—field of social science research. Contemporary Jewry invites scholarly analysis of our field, both within and outside of the academy, including (but not limited to) analytical arguments about:

  • the causes and consequences of gender imbalances in power, authority and voice (who chooses what to study, how to study it, and what counts as important, as but one set […]
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27 12, 2018

Special Issue of Religions on Religion and Climate Change Seeks Submissions


Religions  Special Issue:  Religious Engagement with Climate Change.

The purpose of this Special Issue is to assess the current state of religious involvement to address climate change and the effects we are already experiencing. What are religions actively doing to combat climate change and has it made a difference? What are the limits on religions’ involvement in and work towards climate justice? Why have some religions taken action to combat climate change while others refuse to engage? The Special Issue aims to assess the current explanations for the role of religion in addressing climate change and offer new analyses about religion and climate change from the perspectives of social sciences and humanities.

Dear Colleagues,

As the pace and intensity of climate changes increases, […]

Special Issue of Religions on Religion and Climate Change Seeks Submissions2023-07-03T16:12:33-04:00
2 11, 2016

Book Chapters on Sociology and Orange is the New Black


Wanted: Book Chapter Proposals For? Orange Is the new Black and the World of Sociology.
Editors: Rasha Aly, University of Cincinnati, and Christian Messer Gaitskill, MSW, LSW
Possible Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Orange Is the New Black is a popular, Netflix show that expands upon Piper Kerman’s memoir, “Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison.” Kerman spent 13 months in prison for her small-part involvement in a drug ring. The drama follows Piper Chapman (the fictional character based on Kerman), and other inmates at the fictional Litchfield Penitentiary. Beyond having the plots just tell stories, many of the storylines have numerous sociological connections. Different parts of the show can be connected to many sociological topics such as the Black Lives […]

Book Chapters on Sociology and Orange is the New Black2023-07-03T16:13:12-04:00
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