ASR Book Discussion: Tahseen Shams’ “Here, There, and Elsewhere : The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalizing World”

Join us for a discussion of Tahseen Shams’ award-winning book, Here, There, and Elsewhere: The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalizing World (Stanford, 2020). In it, she draws on ethnographic data, interviews, and South Asian Muslim Americans’ social media activities to show how different dimensions of their ethnic and religious identities connect them to different elsewheres beyond their host country and their countries of origin. In doing so, she shows how immigrants are vectors of globalization, who both produce and experience their various societies’ interconnectedness.

Dr. Shams will speak for about 20 minutes. Her opening remarks will lead into an audience discussion facilitated by ASR Council Members Geneviève Zubrzycki and Samuel Perry, who organized this event.

The discussion will take place on Friday, February 4th 2022, at noon Eastern Time (Canada & U.S.) ON ZOOM. Attendance is free. Click HERE to join by Zoom.